Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Move or Not to Move, That is The Question...

So the cat is out of the bag...Tere and I are thinking/praying about moving to California. I know...California! So I figured I would share my Pros and Cons and get your opinion on the move.

  1. Tere can get into a top rate Medical School (Loma Linda University)
  2. Cali is one of the marketing hubs for the US
  3. I can go Snowboarding and Surfing all year round
  4. Change is good...
  5. Great time to buy real estate in Cali
  6. I hear you have to be fit and sexy to live in Cali

  1. Most of our family is in Atlanta or on the East Coast
  2. I hear Cali can get really HOT in the summers (you know how I feel about heat)
  3. Cost of living is extremly HIGH!
  4. I hear you have to be fit and sexy to live in Cali

Add your Pros or Cons! We would love to hear what you think.


  1. WOW it seems the cons COMPLETELY outweigh the pros. So it settled the family stays in Atlanta! YAY....see that was easy!

  2. I think it would be great when we move. We could have fun trips and see celebrities now and again........ahhhhhh, the rush, the ocean breeze in my hair. Can't wait!

  3. Having someone you trust to watch the baby during those times when you and hubby want your personal time out on the town is important and hard to find when you're away from friends and family. Good childcare is also hard to find (talking from experience here). Anyway, it's not the end of everything. Overall, change is good and you'll be closer to sis.


  4. Of course, you need to GO. How else would I get to visit Cali? Do you know how long I wanted to have someone out there that I know? Also, it will be cheaper and closer for us to get to Japan from there. One stone to kill two birdies!


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