Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ahead of her time...

I always knew my child was going to be a fast bloomer, as I was one myself.  However, Madison is just moving way to fast.  She is only 2 months, 2 months that's all.  You won't believe what I caught Madison doing the other day.

She is pushing up and holding her head up, all by herself.  But that's nothing...

She just started feeding herself yesterday.  As I drew close--putting the bottle to her lips, she grabbed it with two hands like a big girl and shoved it in her mouth.  Knowing her mother, I should have known that Madison would be an early bloomer in the area "Get your eat on".  Still this was an easy feet for a small percentage of children across the world.  However, what I am about to show you is classified and amazing.  If they find out about her super intelligence they are going to try and run test on her.  

Madison can...


NEEDLES OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madison got her first shots the other day.  When she saw the needle she was unfazed.  It wasn't until the needle broke her skin, that she had her first run in with straight up PAIN.  I know this sound crazy, but, I felt it.  When the Doc stuck her it was as if they stuck me.  It was the weirdest feeling.

Tere had to work so I was left to take Madison into her first bad experience.  I can't help but think that Tere set me up!  She will always remember the day that Daddy introduced her to PAIN.

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