Friday, February 27, 2009

Legend of the Eggplant

So, Keisha sends me this article about a restaurant in Atlanta that has a dish that is legend to induce labor...yeah, that's what I said when I first read about it.  I'm in marketing so in my mind this was just a great way to get pregnant women and their families in the door.  Despite my skepticism, I thought it could be a really fun night out so I called ahead and reserved a table.  Plus, Tere is 5 days past due and we are just about willing to try anything to get Madison out.  We hit the town heading for Scalini's.  The food was GREAT and the service was wonderful.  Tere ordered the "labor inducing" eggplant parmesan and I ordered some chicken alfredo dish.  So apparently this is a really big thing.  We walked in and there was an entire wall full of babies, 300 + babies were born as a result of this stuff.  Our waitress had us register in a book before she gave us the run down.  Here's how this works...before your order comes out they have you sign your name and contact info in a book.  If your baby is born with-in 48 hrs of the time you entered in the book you get a $25 gift certificate, a Scalini's t-shirt for the baby and your baby's pic on the wall & website. 

We finished our meal at about 8:30pm and Tere was in labor by 11:00pm that night...yeah I know, it was AMAZING!  They made me a believer.   So be sure to look for Madison on the Scalini's website.

You can read all about Scalini's legendary eggplant parmesan and see pics of Madison on their "Scalini's Bambino" wall.


  1. Simply put, THAT'S AMAZING!!
    Congrats again on birth of Madison. God is amazing.

  2. Thats really something. Wish I knew so I could the three people I knew who just had babies in Atl past their due dates. How cool.


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