Monday, March 23, 2009

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, Madison had her first road trip in MARCH...yeah in MARCH.  Tere was supposed to post this  back in MARCH but here I am in the end of APRIL posting it now (No love lost).  Guess where she went...MIAMI, FL!

I got a chance to show her off to all the people @ Tabernacle SDA in Miami.  It was great.

Even Dr. Uncle B got a chance to hold Madison.  She likes it.

Tere and Rhonda Nelson (soon to be took a moment for a photo op before the ride back to the ATL.

Madison, basking in Miami shade...just like here Dad, trying to escape the heat.


  1. You are going so unbelievably so with these post. There should be a new one up at least once a week!


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